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As summer approaches, the VBA is reminding building practitioners of their obligations when building, installing or renovating a swimming pool, spa or safety barrier.  

In Victoria, construction and installation of swimming pools, spas and safety barriers are subject to strict requirements under the Building Regulations 2006, which detail mandatory requirements to meet the Australian Standards.  

VBA Director of Technical and Regulation Jarrod Edwards said that by ensuring work complies with the Regulations, practitioners can play a vital role in improving safety outcomes around pools and spas.  

“Non-compliance can increase the risk of drowning and lead to prosecution by the VBA,” Mr Edwards said. “Builders who engage in the construction of a pool or spa and associated safety barriers must be across the Standards.  

“Part of the VBA’s role as the building and plumbing regulator is to increase awareness among practitioners and consumers of the regulations and the need for compliance. This includes providing information on the installation of swimming pools, spas and barriers, such as Practice Note PN-05-2014-Swimming pools, spas and safety.”  

A person building or installing a swimming pool or spa must be registered as either a Domestic Builder – Unlimited (DB-U) or a Domestic Builder – Limited Swimming Pools (DB-L S). A Domestic Builder – Limited Gates (DB-L G) can complete works relating to the installation of in-ground or above-ground pools or spas, including paving and fencing.  
Read the VBA’s Media Release HERE

The VBA has also issued a media release urging homeowners and renters to ensure their pool safety fence and gate is secure and well-maintained. 

Read the VBA’s Media Release for consumers HERE