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Following the well-received 'A Lifetime of Memories' pool sector ad, SPASA Victoria is excited to present a brand new ad for our spa sector members.

The ad comes as a result of the recent announcement that we're investing in a comprehensive PR campaign promoting the benefits of pool & spa ownership, and using a SPASA Victoria member.

spa tvc image image1

The ad, capitalizing on Melbourne's unpredictable weather, is based on the concept of ‘Four Seasons in One Day’ and sells the idea of a spa being an all year round luxury. It features a family enjoying their spa in all four different weather conditions.

The ad will feature the 'Lifetime of Memories' tagline to keep momentum going and connect viewers to the pool sector ad previously screened.

This ad will be aired across all television networks in the lead up to the 2016 Pool & Spa Show. Keep an eye out for it!

View the ad HERE