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Leisurescape Pools GeelongA Geelong pool and spa business has made a big splash nationally!

Leisurescape Pools and Spas has been recognised for outstanding achievements in creativity, innovation and design excellence at the SPASA Victoria National Awards of Excellence in Sydney.

Managing director Jack Whitton said he and his staff were proud to receive such an honour, given the competitiveness of the industry. “It’s nice to be recognised for years of hard work and passion in this industry,” he said. “This annual SPASA Victoria celebration of excellence is a result of months of tireless work by Leisurescape Pools and Spas, who constantly strive to set new pool and spa industry benchmarks. In this year’s judging, Leisurescape collected the National Award of Excellence in best pre-engineered spa, reflecting our company’s commitment to quality and service.”

Demand for swimming pools and spas across the Greater Geelong region has reportedly increased, despite tough laws introduced by the state and federal governments. “It’s getting busier and busier all the time - despite economic times looking glum,” Leisurescape’s executive manager Liz Whitton said. “Australians are all about leisure.”

Geelong resident Duncan Oliver decided to buy a swim spa last year.He said that while the costs of maintaining it were high, he had no regrets. “The kids love it and it’s great for teaching them to swim,” he said.“It took a while to set the money for it aside, but it’s a great addition to the home.”

'Local Pool of Talent' - Geelong Advertiser, Geelong - 15 Sep 2017