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WNP logo on fence RGBThe Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria’s (SPASA Victoria ) ‘Water Neutral Pool Program’ is making headlines around the world, with South Africa the latest country to request more information on this innovative water-saving program due to a major water crisis in Cape Town.

The whole of South Africa’s Western Cape Region is experiencing severe drought conditions, which are having a negative impact on the swimming pool industry - so much so that there is currently a proposal from the City of Cape Town council to put an indefinite ban on the construction and installation of all new swimming pools.

In late 2016, the USA’s Californian Pool Association also requested information on SPASA Victoria ’s ‘Water Neutral Pool Program’ and have since been provided with the Water Neutral Pool Program kit.

Earlier this year, Annalisa Dall'Oca, the editor of Italian pool and spa magazine ‘Piscine Oggi’ and organiser of the international exhibition ‘Forum Piscine’ in Bologna, Italy made contact to arrange an interview with SPASA Victoria CEO Brendan Watkins.

Annalisa wanted to explain to readers of ‘Piscine Oggi’ (meaning ‘Pool Today’) how the ‘Water Neutral Pool Program’ works, its efficiency and the savings involved regarding both energy use and the reduced chemicals and water required under this Program.

Italians are particularly interested in the Australian experience as a pioneer of this environmentally friendly type of pool, as well as other solutions that reduce water consumption or promote water recovery.

A ‘Water Neutral Pool Program’ presentation and workshop are planned for the ‘Forum Piscine’ exhibition in 2018.

The interview, entitled ‘The Australian Case’, can be found on pages 36 and 37 of Italian pool and spa magazine ‘Piscine Oggi’:

Piscine Oggi - The Australian Case - English translation

A quick online translation was used for the English version but the original version in Italian can be read here:

Piscine Oggi – The Australian Case – Italian version

Award-winning SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Members ‘Summertime Pools’ have recently come up with a clever advertising campaign endorsing the benefits of the ‘Water Neutral Pools ProgramHERE

To find out more about SPASA Victoria ’s fantastic ‘Water Neutral Pool Program’ please see HERE

SPASA Victoria Media Release - SPASA Victoria's Water Neutral Pool Program Goes Global - 20 November 2017

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