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Water neutral logo 2019The ‘Water Neutral Pool’ program is an initiative of the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASVIC) and is supported by the greater metropolitan water retailers.

A Water Neutral Pool is a swimming pool that maintains the volume of water in the pool by minimising water loss and reducing energy and chemical use.

A Water Neutral Pool utilises both water-saving and water-harvesting devices to ensure that it is 'water-wise' by minimising water use.

Owning a Water Neutral Pool not only saves water, but reduces on-going costs through reduced chemical, energy and water use. 

Water Neutral Pools are an environmental and sustainable initiative of SPASAVIC.

CEO of SPASAVIC, Chris Samartzis, says “With water conservation and efficient pool operation both current priorities for pool owners, the Water Neutral Pool has delivered real benefits to pool owners for over ten years. The Water Neutral Pool is the gold standard when thinking about efficient use of water and energy.”

SPASAVIC is keen to be a leader and promote good water management practices as well as to educate consumers on how they can own a pool as well as make real, positive contributions towards water efficiency.

SPASAVIC is proud of its Water Neutral Pool program and is pleased to work with industry and consumers who are keen to play their part and promote sensible water use and water-wise behaviours.

SPASAVIC encourages all pool owners to conserve water by installing a Water Neutral Pool, or retrofit an existing pool, to ensure that it meets this new standard.

A Water Neutral Pool delivers a range of benefits and requires certain features. At a minimum, a water neutral pool requires:

  • Water tank, to collect rainfall to top-up the pool as needed
  • Pool cover, to conserve 90% of water lost through evaporation
  • Backwash minimisation system, to prevent excessive backwashing (e.g. cartridge filter, oversized sand filter, centrifugal / pre-filter device, backwash recycle system, etc)
  • Energy Efficient Equipment

SPASAVIC encourages home owners to consider both the environmental cost of not making their pool a Water Neutral Pool as well as the future economic savings to be had by reducing the use of increasingly expensive water and pool chemicals.

For more information visit SPASAVIC’s Water Neutral Pool webpage HERE

SPASAVIC Media Release – Water Neutral Pools – The Gold Standard In Responsible Pool Ownership - 11 February 2020