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SPASAVIC CEO, Chris Samartzis, has been briefed by Victorian Government officials - along with a range of other industry bodies including unions and associations - and can now officially confirm that building sites are required to close for the duration of this lockdown. 

With construction being much more constrained than previous lockdowns, it is important to note that construction work is not considered ‘essential’ and building sites must be closed for the duration of the lockdown.

Please ensure that:

  • Building sites are to be made safe and once this is attended to, you should leave the premises
  • You have spoken to your employees, subcontractors and customers about the current lockdown
  • You have checked that your site signage is clearly visible and correct

 Pool and spa service click and deliver is allowed, and a general common sense approach should be followed. 

Industry associations are considered 'essential' to deliver required services to members during the lockdown.

Please note that Work Permits are not required.

The meeting with government attracted many industry groups and there was a clear message of a short, sharp response to the pandemic.

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The following information provides further guidance for the Retail, Supply and Manufacturing sectors operations during this 5 day lockdown:

Retail facilities, including trade suppliers, are allowed to open for limited purposes.  This includes supply for trades carrying out permitted work and also for 'click and collect' and delivery.

Manufacturing is generally required to be closed during the lockdown, however the essential providers and workers list from government has made provision for some manufacturing and exporting activities that support construction to continue operating with conditions. A manufacturing facility that is not able to be shut down without causing damage or loss to plant and equipment can remain open, but only to preform operations that are necessary in order to prevent the damage or loss.

This includes:

  • Commercial operations that supply goods or services necessary
  • The implementation of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 or to support any business activity that may be carried out in accordance with these directions
  • The export of goods and services from Victoria

We have established that:

  • Manufacturing exports from Victoria - either interstate or overseas - that are needed to fill national supply chains will be exempt and must be done in a Covid-Safe way
  • No permits are needed at this stage and the intention is to limit movement of employees wherever possible.
  • Employers are encouraged to make a judgement as to what is critical to continue to operate the manufacturing process
  • If it is not essential that employees are on site, then staying at home is encouraged

The government is supporting exports that are essential to national supply chains.

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