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Industry National Body Announces New Logo & Common Branding to be Shared by SPASA Victoria Queensland, South Australia, Victoria & Western Australia

SPASA Queensland SPASA South Australia SPASA Victoria 

“A strong visual identity is crucial for any business. Sharing the same brand, particularly among strongly collaborative organisations, is a natural step to take. Regulation is increasingly becoming harmonised, the federal government is wielding greater influence upon the states, we are responding to that changing landscape”.

“SPASA Victoria Queensland, South Australia, Victoria & Western Australia have evolved – jointly we are also SPASA Australia - and as we roll out national activities we want our shared vision to be reflected in flying the same flag”, said Jakovac. 

This branding initiative will make the recognition of like-minded SPASA Victoria entities easier, right across Australia. The opportunities to share advertising, representations and communications will be seamless with the new livery.

This move is one of many reflecting the unity between the four states and will provide increased member benefit via a reduction in duplication and various economies of scale opportunities. In coming weeks, industry and members will notice the changes taking place on the various SPASA Victoria websites and in other forms of digital / print communication.

“We now have a genuine federation of states, all flying the same flag, all committed to member representation under a single iconic SPASA Victoria emblem” said Jakovac.

SPASA Australia Director (and SPASA Victoria Queensland President) Andrew Jakovac, today announced a significant re-branding exercise for the national body, SPASA Australia and all of its four member associations - “This is a significant statement of intent from not only the national peak body, but from all like-minded state associations – we are going to share a common brand format”.