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SPASA Australia yesterday conducted the DRED Industry Forum for national supplier manufacturers of Pool Pump Controllers, Pool Chlorinators and devices that control the operation of a pool pump.

SPASA Australia yesterday hosted a significant DRED Forum to inform industry of the potential impact from the proposed AS/NZS 4755.3.2 Standard for pool pump control units.

The DRED Standard - in simple terms - provides energy utilities with the ability to turn off swimming pool filter pumps via the residential Smart Meter.

Held at the SPASA Victoria office the guest speakers included Dr George Wilkenfield, Consultant to the Department of Resources, Energy & Tourism’s Equipment Energy Efficiency Program (E3) and Odero Conci, Engineering Director of Millennium Electronics, which make demand response enabling devices (DRED).

“This meeting is part of the ongoing consultation process” said Dr Wilkenfield (who is flanked in the picture below by Greg Op de Coul, SPASA Australia Committee representative & Rheem Pool Heating National Distribution Sales Manager and David Syme, SPASA Australia National Manager). It was considered by all to be a very comprehensive and successful event.

alt The meeting was well attended with over 30 participants from a range of companies including – Astral Pool, Davey Water Products, Dontek Electronics, Pentair, Edgetec, Focus Products, Hayward Pool Products, Lincoln Pool Equipment, Pool Controls, Pool Water Products, Reltech Australia, Rheem Pool Heating, Sunlover Heating, Supreme Heating & Zodiac Group Australia.

“The importance of these forums is that with such a wealth of knowledge across a wide range of companies we not only had fruitful discussions but valuable informal feedback from industry. Thank you to all.” said David Syme.

For more information about the DRED Forum contact Greg Op de Coul, SPASA Australia representative on the Standards Committee EL-054 who chaired this Forum. Greg’s email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.