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The Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) has urged all existing pool owners to maximize their water conservation plans as Victoria goes into Stage 3 water restrictions.

SPASA Victoria 's General Manager, Mr. Brendan Watkins said, "The industry has taken positive steps to obtain access to groundwater to protect employment in Victoria's swimming pool and spa industry."

The swimming pool industry employs around 10,000 people and contributes approximately $750 million a year to the Victorian economy.

"There are in excess of several hundred registered businesses in Victoria whose primary income is from the swimming pool industry ranging from large manufacturers to small one-person service organisations".

"We are very concerned about the plight of many of the smaller family-operated businesses."

Mr Watkins said that under the SPASA Victoria plan "we are establishing an industry 'safety-net groundwater supply' with water being transported to fill new pools and top-up tanks at a cost of between $1000 to $2000 a pool, depending on the distance the water is to be transported."

SPASA Victoria for over two years has been working closely with the Government and water authorities, who are aware of the major employment and economic impact on the State and the move to Stage 3 restrictions will cause without an alternative groundwater supply.

"The economic impact on the industry could last for several years as there could be a loss to the skill-base, and manufacturing companies based in Victoria who export would become significantly non-competitive as they are underpinned by local economic activity."

Mr Watkins said swimming pools are a minor user of water, accounting for an estimated .002% of usage - through conservation plans implemented by owners pools can become water neutral as the water is continually recycled.

SPASA Victoria will be extending its water conservation program to all pool owners and will be directly promoting water saving devices that allowed rain harvesting from roofs, and water management practices to maximize water saving.

"The ongoing climate change conditions have been on the SPASA Victoria agenda for some time and with Stage 3 water restrictions will a be difficult time for the community and means all industries will need to assess their water use", Mr Watkins said.

The organisation has released water conservation advice on its website