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The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) is moving to protect the jobs of the 10,000 Victorians employed in the swimming pool and spa industry.

SPASA Victoria has succeeded in identifying an ideal source of groundwater, from a totally self-recharging aquifer that cannot be utilised for domestic or agricultural uses, and is finalising direct access to this water for pool and spa use.

Under Stage 3 Water Restrictions, to be introduced today, no new swimming pool or spa can be filled from the tap.

General Manager of SPASA Victoria , Mr Brendan Watkins said,"whilst the industry has over the past three years been working on water conservation programs with Government, 2007 will be a real challenge for many of the small family-run business associated with the swimming pool and spa industry."

Mr Watkins said that whilst the swimming pool industry was very busy in its traditional period leading up to summer, the next six months will be telling as pool companies sought new contracts.

"Our core message to potential pool and spa buyers is that we have identified a sustainable solution to water supply and we will be making announcements in coming weeks to maintain consumer confidence".

"We've done a great deal over recent years to educate pool owners about the need to act responsibly with water, our most precious resource. Put simply, pools and spas do not use a lot of water, and properly managed they can be water neutral."

SPASA Victoria will be highlighting the availability of groundwater for prospective pool and spa owners at its annual Pool & Spa Expo, to be held at MECC from 2-4 February.

People wanting to buy a pool can find out more at

Swimming pool owners use less than 0.1% of the total amount of Victoria's domestic water supply.

Pool Water Use

Percentage of Total Victorian Domestic Water Use - 404,670 megalitres 
Pool Water 360 megalitres - filling new pools and top ups 
Percentage of use 0.07%, less than .1%