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The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) today welcomed moves by Water Authorities to improve communications in relation to the filling of new swimming pools and spas.

General Manager of SPASA Victoria , Brendan Watkins said the organisation is being flooded with calls from consumers who think the Victorian Government has BANNED new swimming pools because of the water restrictions.

SPASA Victoria has requested the Government improve the communications on the water authority websites, in customer information, printed material and advertisements to end the confusion in the community.

Whilst new swimming pools cannot be filled from the mains tap they can be filled from alternative sources of water such as groundwater and this is a point that all government communications is overlooking at present.

SPASA Victoria expects the industry should have suitable groundwater available in late February for the filling of new swimming pools.

Mr Watkins said,"the swimming pool industry has been working closely with the Government and Water Authorities on trying to protect the jobs of some 10,000 Victorians employed in the industry and it is vital that consumers received a clear message - pools can be filled - but just not from the mains tap.

What Water Authority websites & advertisements say now
- new pools or spas of any capacity cannot be filled from the tap - information provided now

- however a swimming pool or spa may be filled with alternative sources of water such as approved groundwater. - What SPASA Victoria has asked to be added.