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The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria has recently commenced drilling to access groundwater on it's land in the western suburbs of Melbourne. SPASA Victoria anticipates having a safe and renewable water supply for pools and spas at the end of February 2007.

At this stage it is estimated that the cost of filling a 30,000 litre pool will be between $1000 - $2000.
Full details regarding cost and delivery options will be announced in coming weeks.

SPASA Victoria has been working in close association with leading hydrologists, water authorities and government to secure this supply and ensure the most environmentally-sound approach possible is employed.

SPASA Victoria ’S Top Ten Tips on Water Conservation

Water conservation is a major priority in the State of Victoria. There are currently very specific rules in place that govern the filling of swimming pools and spas. SPASA Victoria recommends you contact your local water retailer for current advice on filling and topping-up your pool.

SPASA Victoria recommends owners strive to achieve a "water neutral" pool :

  1. When purchasing your pool or spa consider a cartridge filter which does not need backwashing and can save thousands of litres of water a year. If you have a sand filter, ensure you only backwash when necessary.
  2. Install a pool cover - it will dramatically reduce evaporation and make substantial water savings.
  3. Install a pool-dedicated top-up water tank, connected to your guttering to harvest rainwater. Check with your local water authority for details on government rebates.
  4. Regularly check there are no leaks in your pipe system or pool. If in doubt call your local SPASA Victoria member to check it out.
  5. Always keep your pool water correctly balanced to avoid having to empty polluted water.
  6. Install a rainwater diverter which will divert water to the pool via a garden hose any time it rains, usually costing as little as $20.
  7. Do not over-fill your swimming pool as this will waste water and hinder filtration.
  8. Ensure that the pool is kept free of any dust, leaves or debris which can cause problems with filtration. Check the pool after any storms to clear any debris.
  9. Discourage rough play. Bombing and splashing water onto the pool deck increases evaporation and wastes water. Keep pets out of the pool.
  10. SPASA Victoria recommends you conduct an audit on your home and replace any water inefficient showerheads with Triple A water saving showerheads which for a family of four can save an estimated 30,000 litres annually - the same amount it takes to fill an average pool.

A pdf version of this article is available for download here.