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Melbourne's annual Pool & Spa Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, will for the first time in its fifteen year history open TODAY with no 'tap water' being available for new pools due to Government water restrictions. SPASA Victoria is currently finalising a groundwater solution and will announce full details at the Expo.

The banning of filling pools from the water system has had little overall impact on water use. The filling of new pools and water used by pool owners in Victoria takes less than point one per cent (0.1%) of Melbourne's water supply.

General Manager of SPASA Victoria , Mr Brendan Watkins said, "The banning of filling new swimming pools from the tap during Stage 3 water restrictions has seen the swimming pool and spa industry respond to the emergency by moving to utilise groundwater".

"Details of the progress on the groundwater supply will be released at the opening of the Swimming Pool & Spa Expo together with a special water conservation brochure for all existing pool owners."

SPASA says the importance of the iconic backyard swimming pool in Australian society should not be under rated for both health and social reasons.

The backyard pool is where tens of thousands of children learn to swim and enjoy healthy activity every day and it is an important part of Australia's way of life, Mr Watkins said.

"Despite the water restrictions we expect a good attendance at the Expo."

Mr Watkins said that SPASA Victoria over the past three years has been working on water conservation programs with the Government and it is now through its members and pool shops actively promoting water conservation to new and existing pool owners.

It is important that all pool owners considered the pool equipment they purchased and maintained their pools carefully, Mr Watkins said.

Pool and Spa Expo Details 
Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Friday 2 February 2007 1.00pm - 7.00pm
Saturday 3 February 2007 10.00am - 8.00pm
Sunday 4 February 2007 10.00am - 6.00pm