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Water conservation techniques showcase innovation and bring a sense of community to the pool industry.
Brendan Watkins, General Manager of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) says the industry spend their lives working with water so feel very strongly about using it responsibly.

"The new industry initiatives include a water recycling program for filling pools and storage bladders to hold water during pool renovations," he said.

"SPASA Victoria developed the database mid year to help members locate pool water for their clients as it made sense to have a central point for water," he said.

"The way it works is pool owners or builders advise SPASA Victoria of the quantity and location of the water - we then send out an alert and our members make arrangements to have it transported to its new home," he said.

"No money changes hands and as the water is treated it is best to be re-used in another pool," says Mr Watkins.

"The bladders come in a range of sizes and water is drained straight into them on site and stored until the pool renovation is finished and put back," he said.

"The inflatable nature of the bladder is the perfect tool to store water for a short period of time," said Mr Watkins.
One member who was quick to support both initiatives is Gary Kilworth, owner of Out From the Blue in Hawthorn.

"The water database is very useful and we are always finding new homes for the water," says Mr Kilworth.
"We have a staff member who co-ordinates the swaps and she works hard to match up the water to suit the size of the pool, timing and location," he said.

"It's a great way the pool community can help one another out," he says.

"When I tell my clients about it, they are happy to wait for a couple of weeks to have their pool filled," he said.

The Pool and Spa Association is calling on people to contact them via email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if they have chlorinated pool water that is ready to use and want to donate it to another household.