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As Australian obesity rates reach record levels and we become the second fattest country after the USA, the Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) urges families to consider exercise and community engagement over isolation and popcorn on the couch.

Brendan Watkins, General Manager of SPASA says pools remain a great Aussie tradition and offer so much more to a family than indoor home cinema systems.

"Think of all the great times families have in suburban pools, inviting friends around to play and children familiarising with water," says Mr Watkins.

"The industry has implemented a range of water management initiatives to assist people deal with water restrictions, so people can run a pool efficiently," he says.

"If pool owners use pool covers they can combat evaporation and by installing a water tank they can manage top ups themselves without using mains water."

"I can't think of a better way to relax in summer than by a pool with family and getting your daily requirement of exercise," he adds.

Pool company owner, Terry McCartney, from Natural Pools in Surrey Hills says his pool sales are up compared to this time last year and doesn't feel his business is under threat from home entertainment trends.
"We help our clients build pools that are water efficient, carefully calculating evaporation rates and how they counter this through good pool management" he said. "More and more people are opting for pool covers and water tanks," he says.

A specialist in above-ground pools, Alf Woods from Blue Sea Pools has been selling pools since the 1960s says everything goes in a cycle and has seen many entertainment fads come and go.

"Home entertainment systems are trend, it will turn around," says Mr Woods.

"There are plenty of people who prefer exercise and socialisation for the kids than movies and junk food," says Mr Woods.

For more water savings tips, use the SPASA Victoria website,