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Join our campaign to legislate Mandatory Barrier Inspections in Victoria!

Send an email to the Premier of Victoria & Planning Minister to let them know you support our campaign. Simply copy and paste the following words:


Dear Premier/Planning Minister,

As a Victorian, I care about toddler safety in backyard pools and spas.

I endorse SPASA's Pool and Spa Safety Campaign and demand that you immediately legislate Mandatory Barrier Inspections in this State in order to save lives.


The Hon. Richard Wynne MP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Hon. Daniel Andrews MP: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Let the government know you support Mandatory Barrier Inspections in Victoria NOW!


Remember the Facts

- The Victorian government’s solution to toddler drowning is to introduce a retrospective 4-sided barrier regime for all pools & spas

- The majority of toddlers who have died in Victorian pools in the past 15 years have died in pools with 4-sided barriers

- Western Australia has had Mandatory Barrier Inspections (MBI) of private pools since 1992 & have reduced their rate of toddler fatalities by 80%

- Yet our State government is still not considering MBIs

- Multiple Victorian Coroners, the World Health Organisation, Lifesaving Victoria, Kidsafe, the Municipal Surveyors of Vic & SPASA all call for MBIs

- Multiple reports from Victorian Councils show the average fail-rate of pool barriers in Victoria is 80%+

- The fundamental problem in Victoria is clearly a lack of ongoing pool barrier maintenance

- In the past 15 years, Victoria has seen 22 toddlers drown in backyard pools. On average, for every fatality, there are around 6 non-fatal drownings. Most of those toddlers have ongoing brain injury.
Total: 22 dead plus 60+ with permanent mental impairment

We continue to call on the Victorian Government to pass legislation to:

1. Immediately make pool barrier compliance certification mandatory for all properties sold or leased in Victoria
2. Introduce a mandatory barrier inspection protocol that ensures all residential properties with a pool or spa in Victoria are inspected every three years