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SPASA Training logo 2018The SPASA Victoria Industry Training Program provides the framework for competency within the pool and spa industry and supports an ongoing drive to improve knowledge, skills and safe practices.

2019 Training Program front cover thumbnailThe Association encourages all members and non-members alike to take the opportunity to participate. The 2019 Training Program is now available:

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Download the SPASA Victoria 2019 Training Program with Booking Form HERE

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Queries can be directed to SPASA Victoria on 03 9501 2040 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"On behalf of Chris and myself, thanks for the hydraulics course last week – well organised and great content. Paul does a fantastic job at making it interesting."

- Adrian Lewis, Business Development Manager at Bradford Products Australia

SPASA Victoria Industry Training is important to the success of Naughtons Pools & Spas. I recently sent 15 employees to hydraulics training and I am satisfied that the tuition my staff received will be an excellent investment in my business in the long run.

– Justin Hatfield, Registered Building Practitioner & Director of Naughtons Pools and Spas

“We highly recommend that anyone involved in the pool industry take advantage of the excellent industry training conducted by SPASA Victoria . The courses offered each year help to maintain and improve your knowledge and expertise. The training covers a range of subjects appropriate for both newcomers to the industry, as well as advanced topics for the more experienced participants. Furthermore, it is conducted by extremely skilled and capable instructors. Regardless of the number of years of your involvement in the industry, we guarantee that you will always benefit from attending these sessions… and your clients will notice.”

– Helen Strangos, Director of The Diamond Pool & Spa Company

"We strongly believe in the SPASA Victoria Industry Training and believe anybody coming into the industry needs to do most of the courses. As there are no apprenticeship courses covering pool training, it is essential that people attend these courses run by the Association. All of our employees have been to various parts of the SPASA Victoria Industry Training and we believe it is an excellent programme run by the Association."

– Noel Pearce, Registered Building Practitioner & founder of Dolphin Pools