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2018 Pool Spa Expo Logo Blue Version with DatesOn Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th February, the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre will come alive with the largest consumer Pool & Spa + Outdoor Living Expo ever staged in Australia.

Our Feature Garden is a spectacle to behold and will be one of several highlights of the Summer Expo. We have a Seminar Series of industry expert presentations, the Outdoor Design Junction, Ask an Expert talks, prizes, giveaways - you name it.

Crowds will flock from far and wide, hungry to see what is on offer this year as they join our exciting Backyard Revolution.

The SPASA Victoria Pool & Spa Expos continue to attract the largest audiences of qualified buyers in Australia. Thousands of visitors attend the February show to purchase a new pool or spa and see the latest offerings in Outdoor Design.

As an exhibitor, you will be speaking to buyers that are ready to purchase. 

The demand for pools, spas, landscape design and water features is growing, with many Australians turning what was once an uninspiring and neglected space into their own backyard oasis.

“A swimming pool or spa is now considered a ‘must have’ addition to any new or renovated home, as Australians are increasingly spending more time entertaining and socialising in the privacy of their own backyard,” said Brendan Watkins, CEO of SPASA Victoria. 

“The SPASA Victoria Pool & Spa + Outdoor Living Expo is the biggest consumer event in the industry and is the place for prospective buyers to see, experience and compare a myriad of innovative ideas which can help transform their backyard into a unique outdoor haven,” he added.

SPASA Victoria Board Member & Director of Compass Pools, Ted Martin, says "The pool show is our one most important events in the year for sales. We sell pools directly from the show and set up business for the near and long term."

Consumer demand has dictated the evolution of our Pool & Spa Expo. Consumers are increasingly seeking a one-stop-shop for their backyard renovations. "The 2017 Pool & Spa Expo is a must for any home-owners hoping to add equity to their property, or simply to welcome a touch of luxury to their homes", says Expo Director Sam Palermo.

Don't miss this opportunity to exhibit to thousands of spend-ready consumers, a very small number of stands are still available. Call IEC now on 9596 9205.

For those of you who have never been to a SPASA Victoria Show before, come and see what it's all about. Checkout the event website for latest updates.

Here's our television commercial that will air on national television throughout Jan/Feb. You'll even see it aired in the Mens Final of the Australian Open.

2018 Summer Show Video Thumbnail

SPASA Victoria Training is presented by at-the-coalface subject matter experts and is heavily subsidized by the association to make it highly affordable for members.

SPASA Victoria Training is recognised by Victorian authorities and regulators.

Quality Victorian-geared training is critical to the development and success of your business. The importance of training your employees - both new and experienced - cannot be overestimated.

Take advantage of SPASA Victoria 's training courses, help improve the morale of your employees and increase their knowledge, efficiency and productivity.

This year, in response to member demand, SPASA Victoria is also offering FREE webinars to save you precious time!

You can view SPASA Victoria 's 2018 Industry Training Program HERE

Got a question? Call Kathryn on 8526 7799 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Pool and spa drain coversTen years ago this month, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act was signed into federal law. At the time, it plunged the American pool, spa and hot tub world into turmoil.

Public facilities were hit especially hard, as they had one year to outfit pools with compliant drain covers. Some were forced to close when these products were nowhere to be found.

Head’s up! The drain cover standard named in VGB is changing in 2018. Are we in for more turmoil? Not if professionals learn how to implement the new requirements. Here are some of the very basics in ensuring that a pool is compliant.

Read this article in full HERE

IMG 5305This year, SPASA Victoria’s Membership Manager Marita Callanan will visit each and every member in country Victoria.

From Monday 23 to Friday 27 July, Marita will visit members in Mildura, Swan Hill, Echuca, Bendigo, Horsham, Stawell and Geelong and surrounds.

She’ll hit the road again from Monday 24 to Friday 28 September to call on members in Shepparton, Wodonga, Yackandandah, Mansfield, Warragul, Traralgon, Sale, Swan Reach and Cowes.

This is a great opportunity for all rural members to discuss one-on-one the current issues in the industry, to hear about the latest benefits of SPASA Victoria membership and to receive first-hand, up-to-date regulatory changes to documentation, retail coreflute signage and logos.

Country members are warmly encouraged to contact Marita This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an appointment.

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Im too busyWe’re all just so “busy” these days. “Slammed” in fact. “Buried.” Desperately “trying to keep our heads above water.”  "Overloaded".

Busy is a catch-all term. When we say "busy," we're really trying to say something else — although what exactly that might be depends on the harried soul that's complaining:

I'm busy = I'm important.
Being busy gives people a sense they're needed and important.  It's also a sign that you are self-imposing these measures of self-worth by looking at quantity instead of quality of activity. Busyness does not equal productivity. 

I'm busy = I'm giving you an excuse.
Saying that you're busy is a handy way to outsource your responsibility to your irresponsibility. Since you're always distracted, you don't have to do anything for anybody. 

I'm busy = I'm winning.
To say that “I’m busier than you are” means I’m more important, or that my time is more valuable, or that I am “winning” at some never ending rat race. What you’re trying to say with these responses is: "I’m busier, more in-demand, more successful".

Read this article in full HERE

Cyber alertIn recent years there have been many reports of major cyber-attacks on a number of organizations across the globe.

There are many types of malicious software that are designed to corrupt data and breach privacy, and business owners and managers are responsible for doing all they can to maintain their systems to reduce the likelihood of this occurring.

Cyber and Privacy Protection Insurance can help protect businesses from the financial impact of a cyber-attack or a privacy breach. Cyber Insurance offers a broad cover for a wide variety of risks resulting from the use of technology including your use of the internet, email, intranet, extranet or your website.

Read more about it HERE

AB Phillips

Following its release of the Cyber Scare Report earlier this year, the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner has now released the Cyber Aware National Report which highlights the increasing risk of cybercrime to businesses.

The report provides results of a study into cyber security awareness of businesses, based on 1019 responses from SMEs. The Key Findings revealed that:

  • 4 out of 5 recognise the increasing risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime
  • 42% believe they can protect their business from cybercrime by limiting their online presence
  • 20% believe they experienced a cybercrime event, and that:
    • 41% of these events resulted from malware
    • 40% of these events cost the business between $1000 and $5000, and for 2 out of 3 businesses these costs were not recovered

The report supports the need for increased awareness of cybercrime to ensure small businesses can safely do business online. 

You can help protect your business by:

  • installing security software and regularly backing up your data
  • using a cloud-based email service
  • educating your staff

OSBC partnered with the VIC, SA, WA Small Business Commissioners, Small Business Champion in Qld and ASBFEO to undertake this national study.

See more information and resources on the OSBC website about How cyber aware is your small business?

You can also visit Scamwatch for more information about cybercrime and how to protect yourself, follow @scamwatch_gov on Twitter and subscribe to Scamwatch radar alerts.

Small Business team
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

FluidraPictured, left to right: Fluidra Executive President Eloi Planes and Zodiac Pool Solutions CEO Bruce BrooksLast week, Big Three manufacturer Zodiac Pool Solutions signed an intent to merge with global powerhouse Fluidra to form what company officials are calling the world's largest pool-equipment provider.

“If we now look at the market, we will see that, until last Friday, there wasn’t truly a global leader,” said Eloi Planes, executive president of Fluidra. “This merger … is the most complementary of them all and it’s one that truly creates this global leader.”

The new firm will retain the Fluidra name and global headquarters in Sabadell, Spain, near Barcelona. Zodiac’s Vista, Calif. offices will now serve as Fluidra’s North American headquarters. The new company will serve every continent, with a physical presence in 46 countries, sales in 150 nations, and a staff of 5,500. Sales are expected to total 1.3 billion euro (approximately $1.51B at press time). The new entity will hold approximately 1,100 patents.

Read this article in full HERE

EfficiencyDiligent, loyal, committed employees are easy to take advantage of — whether we mean to or not. They show up ready to work and often work far longer or harder than we expect because they are almost incapable of giving anything less than 100 percent.

They are the stars of our team, and we would not be as successful as we are without them. So why do we reward their dedication and efficiency by giving them more work?

You're busy, you do it

We know the adage, if you want something done, give it to a busy person. To avoid overworking our superstars, it helps to understand a little bit more about why we do this.

Often, busy people are good at saying no. So we know if we give these employees something to do and they cannot do it, they will tell us. Conversely, if they take the work, we know they will do everything they can to complete it.

Read this article in full HERE

Protrade logoIf you have been in business for a while, you may have unfortunately had to deal with a difficult customer that refuses to pay, drags the job out so that it eventually becomes unprofitable, or keeps you up at night because of the way they behave and treat you personally.

Every trade or construction business will deal with difficult clients at some point in time. There are several red flags, which are listed below, that may indicate that someone might turn into a problem client. So, when your potential or current client displays one or more of the following, it may be worth considering passing on the job or alternatively charging a premium for the "hassle factor".

Here are seven red flags to help you identify a difficult customer:

1. Extreme haggling over price

It may be worthwhile enquiring with the customer, as to how many other businesses are competing for the job at hand. If you have more than two other businesses competing for the same job there is a good likelihood that the customer is a price shopper and solely focused on the price. This type of customer may also haggle right from the initial interaction, and continually suggest that other companies are prepared to undertake the job at a cheaper rate. Anyone who quibbles over the price from the very start will also quibble about the price at the very end. Whilst quality clients accept that you will offer great value and are prepared to pay for it.

2. They promise you future work i.e. "all talk"

This category of customer talks a great deal. They may present you with an opportunity by saying "if you do a great job on this project, there will be plenty of work for you in the future". Take this with a grain of salt and treat each project for its merits. This person may wish to "butter you up" with the promise of future work, so that you provide them with a discount on the first job. This may be curtailed by pricing each job individually and mentioning that, should work in the future come to fruition, you would be appreciative, however the focus is one job at a time.

3. They are disorganised

Often difficult customers will be late for meetings, appear to be missing vital information and will continuously drain your resources. Unless they can dramatically change their behaviour, this may be a sign of things to come and may cost you hours, if not days of lost profits in the future.

4. Unrealistic deadlines

From project commencement, this customer expects you to drop everything for them, will contact you 24 hours, 7 days a week regarding minor details and assume you will be present as an emergency call out. A customer expecting you to drop everything for them from the beginning may be an indication of their future behaviour. A reasonable customer would understand that you will have other projects in the pipeline and that you will be managing this workload effectively.

5. They complain about other trades

As in the age-old adage, what Peter says about Paul, actually reveals a lot about Peter. So if the customer complains and moans about other trade businesses, it is highly likely that you too will be thrown into the mix and mentioned. Take note of this poor behaviour, be cautious and as a suggestion, avoid these customers. They may have had an unfortunate experience with another trade; however how they mention and discuss this trade is a good indication of their character.

6. They won’t put things in writing

To protect yourself and also the client, it is important that a work agreement or contract is in place that clarifies all the expectations of the job. This includes how to handle variations, payment, time-frames and also delays. If a customer is not prepared to sign anything from commencement, or is unwilling to put variations in writing, then the lack of action may backfire in the future. Plenty of trade businesses have 'lost out' or have become bankrupt when no terms, conditions or agreements were signed.

7. Trust your intuition

Sometimes it may be logical to proceed with a customer, yet you have a sense or feeling that this particular client may prove to be difficult in the future. Trust your instincts when making a decision. You cannot lose money on jobs you do not take. If you are uncomfortable about a job or individual, turn it down with no regret.

Unfortunately, many trades continuously contend with difficult customers, like those listed above, before hard lessons are learnt. Let this article guide you with how to effectively deal with customers, to ultimately create a hassle-free business.

For further support on how to deal with late/non-paying customers, or for other business challenge assistance, contact PROTRADE United on 1300 767 774 or

Jon Mailer

1300 767 774

TPTC Logo 2The Pool Tile Company was established in Brisbane in 2003 by Robert and Amanda James to meet the needs of a specialised pool tile supplier for the pool building industry. Robert James has been involved with supplying products to the swimming pool industry since 1981.

The company grew quickly into a one-stop-shop for pool builders and their clients. Expansion then saw their product and customer base grow to commercial swimming pool builders, landscapers, home builders, developers and domestic users throughout Australia. The company currently employs over 50 people who now service the pool industry in Australia and overseas.

The Pool Tile Company is a direct importer of natural stone, porcelain pavers and specialty pieces as well as ceramic and glass mosaics suitable for pool applications and surrounds. Employing experienced staff enables the Pool Tile Company to deliver quality products in a timely and cost effective manner throughout Australia.

Their sales and support team offer quality advice to help customers make the decisions that are best for them. They also cater for custom orders to meet the needs of special projects or to supply non-standard products.

By catering for the specific needs of the pool building and related industries, they are able to focus on the products and services required by this sector. For example, in 2015 the company established a manufacturing facility in China to sheet glass mosaics without the use of mesh. This system greatly increases the open area for the tiler’s adhesive to bond to the glass.

The Pool Tile Company is also the sole Australian representative of the SERAPOOL range of commercial pool tiles and has supplied products to a vast array of schools, local government and holiday park projects.

Frequent overseas buying trips enables the Pool Tile Company to offer customers new products and ideas to meet changing market trends and consumer tastes. The ability to cater for custom orders and projects - together with an experienced team - provides unmatched service and experience to meet customer demand.

For industry clients, regular face-to-face visits are offered, along with free representative samples, access to a world class pool-specific website, expert advice, as well as timely and cost effective delivery.

The Pool Tile Company also has a chat function included on their website so that they can interact and provide pool-specific advice, as well as organise delivery of samples. End users can access their easy-to-navigate yet very comprehensive website.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.FOR SALE:

Long established and reputable Swimming Pool Construction business serving the Melbourne metropolitan area for over 30 years.

Original Owners and long time SPASA Victoria Members.

Domestic Builder License will be required to take over the work in progress as well as new and upcoming contracts. 

All enquires welcome!

For a confidential discussion call 0418 122 049 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

logo block dec2017 bullMember Benefits - Available to all Members in 2018

  • AB Phillips - SPASA Victoria ’s Risk Management, Insurance & Financial Services Provider
  • Jeremy Johnson & Associates - Free Expert Legal Advice
  • Expert OHS Advice - Paul House, ISSC
  • Career Dressing – Preferred Workwear & Corporate Clothing Supplier
  • HR Central – Your People Management Professionals
  • Online White Card Training with Aveling
  • Houzz and SPASA Victoria – Free Profile-Building Website

See the full details of your Member Benefits here






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