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vbaThe Victorian Building Authority has released its top seven warning signs of an unregistered builder.

Building a home, renovating your property or installing a swimming pool or spa will likely be one of the biggest investments a home owner will ever make. 

To protect themselves from rogue practitioners, the VBA urges home owners to do their research and develop good communication lines with their builder.

VBA Acting Chief Executive Officer Murray Smith said it was also important to understand the role of the building surveyor and the VBA before starting the construction process. 

“It is only through your relationship with your builder or building surveyor that you will fully understand how your project is going,” Mr. Smith said. 

“Seek regular updates, take photographs and ensure any variations to plans are agreed in writing by you and the practitioner.” 

The VBA’s top 7 warning signs of an unregistered builder

  • No results are found when you type the builder’s name into the VBA’s online ‘Find a Practitioner’ tool
  • The builder does not ask you to enter into a written contract before the project starts
  • They ask for too much money up-front or at each set payment stage. By law in Victoria, a deposit can be no more than five per cent of the total project cost (projects over $20,000)
  • They are not prepared to tell you about or show you what homes they have recently built
  • They cannot or will not show you their VBA ID card
  • The builder is not a member of an industry body
  • You are not given a copy of the builder’s domestic building insurance policy or a certificate of currency covering your property before construction

Always Choose a SPASA Victoria Member!

SPASA Victoria Members are industry professionals and are at the forefront of the industry in regards to their experience, professionalism and reputation.

Bound by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics, all SPASA Victoria members have demonstrated a history of successful, ethical trading and knowledge appropriate to their membership category.

Look for the SPASA Victoria member logo to ensure you are dealing with an industry professional.

The first questions you should always ask are:

“Are You A Registered Building Practitioner?”
“Are you a SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Member?”
“Do you use a SPASA Victoria Pool Construction Contract?”

You can Find a SPASA Victoria Member HERE

For more information visit the SPASA Victoria website