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Today’s pools are created with more than just swimming in mind. With a little imagination and some professional guidance you too can create your own oasis

The soothing sights and sounds of running water have been intriguing people for generations. Even before Roman times, humankind has been inventing ways to move water to create beautiful effects.

Today, these effects are created by two types of water feature – the waterfall and the fountain – and with modern technology, the only limitation today is your imagination.

The number of ‘off the shelf’ devices now available gives the domestic swimming pool owner a vast range of options.


Probably the most popular water feature today is still the waterfall. These can be installed in raised walls or rock mounds, and are the ideal way to draw attention away from those less attractive features of the backyard - the boundary fence, the service area and the clothes line to name a few.

Many of the smaller waterfalls will run off the filter pump. So there are no additional running costs. Larger features may require separate pumps to operate.

Manufacturers of the ‘off the shelf’ units can provide the flow rates required so you can design the perfect system for your requirements.

Waterfalls can be divided into two categories.

The more formal or structured systems involve a sheet or fingers of water that cascade in a very controlled and stylized manner. Most commonly, the water falls from a long pre-fabricated slot, or from holes in a wall, down into the pool.

The less formal type or natural waterfalls are constructed in situ and involve water tumbling over rocks into the pool.


There are numerous forms and styles of fountains today. Some of the more formal, cascading systems may require a separate section to be added on to the pool.

However there are many single or multiple stream water jets that can be mounted in the pool wall or even in the pool coping.

These styles can be made to arch up and over the pool, creating both a stunning visual effect and the relaxing sound of tumbling water.

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