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How hydrotherapy can ease your painThrough the ages, people have flocked to beaches, lakes, rivers, pools and showers to enjoy the revitalising effects of water.

The practice might be ancient, but the hydrotherapy industry is relatively new, and the science around its health-giving benefits still relatively unknown.

Hydrotherapy is about the healing power of water and can provide relief for those suffering from chronic pain.

Jo Rankin is a Melbourne-based APA Physiotherapist with some 30 years’ experience.

For the past 20 years she has been using hydrotherapy to treat patients for a broad range of medical conditions.

Ms Rankin is currently a director of Hydrotherapy Solutions, a leading hydrotherapy practice with pools in northeast Melbourne.

Hands-on treatment

“Hydrotherapy, or Aquatic Physiotherapy, involves exercise and hands-on treatment in water heated to 34ºC,” she explains.

“It’s an extremely versatile form of treatment for all ages – it is possible to carry out very gentle or quite strenuous exercise, and it can begin early in your recovery or well down the track.

“In a heated hydrotherapy pool tissues get more flexible and this helps to reduce pain.

“Multiple issues and areas of the body can be addressed within the one treatment session, with a supportive and social environment further contributing to holistic care.

“With hydrotherapy, people can enjoy exercise and move more freely with less pain.”

Ms Rankin says hydrotherapy can assist with the treatment of arthritis, back or neck pain, pre and post-surgery, fractures and trauma, work related injury, sports injury, cancer, mobility and balance.

And you don’t have to be able to swim to participate.

“Even people who think they don’t like being in the water quickly change their minds as they reap the benefits of warm water hydrotherapy.”

Facilities must be built to the highest possible standards

Chris Samartzis, CEO of SPASAVIC (the peak body of the pool and spa industry in Victoria), says it is vitally important that people who use hydrotherapy pools feel safe and confident in the facility.

Hydrotherapy facilities must be built to the highest standards of Master Craftsmanship accreditation, with the latest innovations to help patient recovery, Mr Samarzis says.

“For all of us, the positive that comes with partnering with health institutions means we are helping our communities maintain their wellbeing and be able to spend time with each other which has benefits for all concerned.”

Standard hydrotherapy sessions run for 1hr and may be eligible for private health fund and Medicare physiotherapy rebates.

It is advisable to seek professional advice from a GP or qualified physiotherapist before beginning hydrotherapy treatment.

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Hero 600As a proud member of SPASAVIC and celebrated winner of the 2020 Best Innovative Pool or Spa Award of Excellence, Personal Pools built this luxury swimming pool at the $7.08m property that is now owned by pop star Tones & I.

The below excerpt is taken from the original article written by Alanah Frost of on 15 Apr 2021

Pop star Tones and I has snapped up another multimillion-dollar property on the Mornington Peninsula, dropping $7.08m on a luxurious Mount Eliza pad with a dazzling basement lounge.

Title documents name the Dance Monkey singer — who also goes by Toni Watson — as the buyer of the OTT mansion with a pool and spa, and marble kitchen with a $150,000 oven.

The property, which has coastal views looking towards the city skyline, was first listed in 2020 for $8m-$8.8m. CoreLogic records show it sold for $7.08m earlier this year.

The five-bedroom, five-bathroom property is set on a whopping 2500sq m block and has more than 800sq m of living space across two main levels, plus a tennis court, sunken fire pit and bar.

It also has a basement to rival the most indulgent of hotels, with colour-changing light fixtures, a wine lounge, glass doors that open onto a 3000-bottle wine cellar, and an underwater view of the pool.

Her worldwide hit Dance Monkey, which was released in 2019, broke the ARIA Singles Chart record for most weeks at No. 1 after 24 weeks in the top spot.

It also reached No. 1 in more than 30 other countries and became the first Aussie song to top streaming platform Spotify’s prestigious Global Chart.

The singer famously lived out of her van, and then in a hostel rent-free, in 2018 after quitting her retail job at Southland to move to Byron Bay, where she was discovered as an artist.

Read this article in full HERE

Personal Pools Mt Eliza 600 Personal Pools Mt Eliza Personal Pools Mt Eliza 800 Support 2 600

RACV article pools March 21

RACV’s Royal Auto magazine recently quoted SPASAVIC CEO, Chris Samartzis, and SPASAVIC Member, Rainwise Pools Melbourne, on ways to make your pool more sustainable.

Whether you already have a pool or are considering a plunge into pool ownership, there are many ways to make your private splash zone more sustainable. From solar-powered pumps to thermal covers that maintain temperatures and reduce water evaporation, here’s how to improve your pool’s eco credentials.

1. Make it 'Water Neutral'

For aspiring pool proprietors who are concerned about water and energy usage, water-neutral pools offer an easy solution. Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria (SPASAVIC) CEO Chris Samartzis explains that water-neutral pools use a combination of water-saving and water-harvesting devices – such as water tanks to collect rainfall to top up the pool, and backwash-minimisation systems – to minimise environmental impact by reducing the amount of overall water needed to maintain a swimming pool. Water-neutral pools also deliver cost savings through reduced chemical, energy and water use. “This is something that pool owners are concerned about,” says Juliana Styles, co-founder of Rainwise Pools Melbourne, which took home the Water Neutral Pool Program Award at the 2020 SPASAVIC Awards of Excellence. “The fact that a water-neutral pool is not only environmentally friendly but will save the pool owner money is a great incentive.”

2. Use Eco-Friendly Technologies

Making use of eco-friendly accessories, such as LED lighting instead of traditional halogen globes, is another way to make your backyard pool a little greener. LED lamps use less than a quarter of the power used by traditional halogen bulbs and last longer too, so you’ll save money on new bulbs. They’re also easier to automate and can be set to a timer which can be controlled from your phone. “New pools come with LEDs as standard,” says RACV’s trade training manager Andy Anderson. “But if you have an older pool, it’s worth having a qualified electrician convert the halogens to LEDs.”

3. Harness the Sun

One of the most eco-friendly (and budget-savvy) ways to heat your pool is to use solar power. “Installing an extra 2-3kW of solar panels, above your standard requirements, is sufficient to cover the cost of running a pool and accessories – such as the pump, filter etc,” says RACV Solar CEO Andy McCarthy. “Setting the pool pump on a timer, generally between 10am and 3pm in summer, ensures you are using your excess solar power, and will save you more money.”

If you don’t have enough roof space for both solar panels and pool heating, Andy says it’s possible to install solar panels over the pool heating. “It requires a specific system, so it’s best to contact a solar expert who has experience with these types of projects,” he says.

Cookes Pools Spas eco friendly design Cookes Pools Spas eco friendly design cover closed

Above: Cookes Pools & Spas' eco-friendly design, which used thermal pool cover (pictured above with cover open and closed) and recycled bearings for the pool’s circulation system.

4. Invest in a Thermal Pool Cover or Solar ‘Bubble Blanket’

Covering a pool when it’s not in use is a simple yet effective way to reduce our carbon footprint. “Aside from providing insulation and convenience, swimming-pool covers can help with heat retention, reduce evaporation, and maintain chemical balance,” says Chris Samartzis. While all pool covers will prevent water evaporation, thermal covers are designed to withstand strong UV, which means they last longer and have greater insulating properties, which will save you on heating costs. Look for thermal covers with the highest R value (thermal resistance) you can afford. 

Alternatively, solar covers – also known as bubble blankets – contain air pockets that absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the water, heating your pool. A good solar cover can heat your pool by up to eight degrees, however they are not as effective as thermal covers at retaining heat overnight. Typically more affordable than thermal covers, solar covers tend to have a shorter lifespan.  

Chris says the most advanced pool covers can even transform into an over-pool roof at the press of a button to provide shade when you're in the water.  

5. Install Self-Cleaning Systems

You can also turn up the eco factor by installing a self-cleaning system. Chris explains that in-floor cleaning systems use water circulation to reduce chemical usage and keep swimming pools clean, without the need for regular hand vacuuming or any other cleaning. “As well as reducing maintenance time, in-floor cleaning systems also reduce running costs and limit the need for excessive chemicals being added to the pool,” he says. “And because the system returns treated water to the floor of your swimming pool, loss of heat and chemicals from the water’s surface is greatly reduced.”

He says many systems are fully automated, which means they switch off when the cleaning is complete. This also saves energy as you won’t be running your cleaning system for any longer than needed.

6. Make it Smart

Much like smart technology for inside your home, smart pool systems enable you to automate your pool’s essential functions – including the pool pump, cleaning system, lighting, heating and even chlorine levels. Smart tech can help reduce your energy bills by eliminating excess usage due to accidentally leaving your pump running too long or forgetting to turn off the lights.

Maleco Pool Spas award winning multi purpose pool cover and shade system This fully automated Neptune Swimming Pool has an in floor self cleaning system that can be operated via Smartphone

Left (above): Maleco’s award-winning multi-purpose pool cover and shade system.
Right (above): Neptune Swimming Pools' fully automated pool has an in-floor self-cleaning system that can be operated via Smartphone

7. Don’t Overheat It

For most pools, the ideal temperature is 25 to 28 degrees. According to, each degree rise in temperature adds 10 to 30 per cent in energy costs. To save on energy costs, reduce the temperature or turn off the heater altogether whenever the pool won’t be used for several days or longer.

8. Don’t Overuse The Pump

According to, a pool pump running 24 hours a day can produce as much greenhouse gas as a large car over a year. To reduce emissions and costs, use a timer to manage your pump’s running time, and run it off-peak (to take advantage of cheaper power rates) at the lowest recommended speed for maintaining correct pool hygiene. 

To keep your pump running as efficiently as possible, also recommends regularly cleaning the skimmer basket, pump basket and filter and keeping your intake grates clear of debris. The website also advises to: “Purchase a minimum five-star energy-efficient pool pump from the list of pool pumps participating in the government’s voluntary labelling program. Although it may feel like you’re splashing out, buying a high-efficiency pump will save you energy and money over the long term in running costs. The more stars the better.”

Article written by Tianna Nadalin. Published by RACV RoyalAuto.
Read it in full HERE

The benefits of having a poolIf you are like many people, you daydream of jumping into your very own pool on a hot summer afternoon. However, these watery sanctuaries have many other benefits than just cooling you down on a hot day. Consider the benefits of having a pool installed in your yard.


Pools are gathering places. Family and friends flock to homes with pools. As your time together increases, you deepen these relationships. In an age full of distractions and busyness, true quality time can be a rarity, but not at a pool party, where games, fun and time together are the priority.

Your immediate family may also prefer to stay home and spend more time together. Also, consider all the group parties you could host. You could have your church’s youth group, your son’s soccer team or your daughter’s basketball team over for a pool party.

You may want to search out pool builders near me after reading about the fellowship benefit of pool ownership, but pools have many additional benefits.


Swimming is a low- to no-impact exercise. This means that it effectively works your muscles and heart without jarring or damaging your bones and joints. Not only will you and your family get fun exercise, but regular swimming can prevent weight gain and increase weight loss while building strong, lean muscles. In addition, those who get bored and snack, causing weight gain, can substitute a swim for a snack and actually improve their health.

Pools are excellent sources of physical therapy. Because they offer gentle exercise, individuals with asthma, physical injuries and arthritis can exercise without exacerbating their conditions. Swimming is even safe for pregnant women and individuals with cerebral palsy. Pools strengthen damaged muscle tissue. Even people who have had major cardiac episodes or surgeries are encouraged to swim regularly.

Stress has many physical and emotional impacts on your body. For example, it may cause headache, muscle tension, pain, restlessness, anger or lack of focus. Exercise and water sounds also naturally relieve stress. Up to 74% of people feel that swimming relieves stress. If you are having an especially stressful day, you will feel your stress melt away after you take a dip into the pool. Being near or in a pool boosts your mood as well as your physical health.


Your home’s property value is significantly increased by a pool. The National Association of Realtors found that pools may increase your home value by 5-15%. It also adds to your backyard aesthetic, making your home fun, inviting and relaxing.


Although most people don’t like to think about it, public pools are not exactly clean. You don’t know the hygiene of others in a public pool, and their facilities may not be as clean as you would like. At home, you can drain and clean your pool whenever you choose, such as after a big pool party, so it is clean and safe for your family to use at all times.

In addition, because you can choose your filtering and cleaning systems in your pool, you can choose the level of chlorine and other harsh chemicals you use in your pool. For example, some filtering systems use the same amount of chlorine as you can find in drinking water without affecting the pool’s cleanliness and safety.


Travel is expensive, and many people are choosing staycations, where they stay home or explore their local communities. Pools provide nearly endless entertainment. You can play games, swim laps or just take a dip to cool off.

In addition, you won't need that costly gym membership, and you don’t have to pay to swim at your local community pool. You may also save on medical bills.


Your children are more comfortable in their own space, especially when they are scared or learning something new. Therefore, having a pool can relieve some of their anxiety as they learn how to swim. You can teach them yourself or hire a private instructor, but they can practice what they learn every time they are in your pool.

You don’t have to suffer through another hot, sticky summer. Consider all the benefits of owning your own pool.


Article by Kevin Gardner of Lifestyle

Read this article in full HERE

Victoria State Government logo red

SPASAVIC CEO, Chris Samartzis, has been briefed by Victorian Government officials - along with a range of other industry bodies including unions and associations - and can now officially confirm that building sites are required to close for the duration of this lockdown. 

With construction being much more constrained than previous lockdowns, it is important to note that construction work is not considered ‘essential’ and building sites must be closed for the duration of the lockdown.

Please ensure that:

  • Building sites are to be made safe and once this is attended to, you should leave the premises
  • You have spoken to your employees, subcontractors and customers about the current lockdown
  • You have checked that your site signage is clearly visible and correct

 Pool and spa service click and deliver is allowed, and a general common sense approach should be followed. 

Industry associations are considered 'essential' to deliver required services to members during the lockdown.

Please note that Work Permits are not required.

The meeting with government attracted many industry groups and there was a clear message of a short, sharp response to the pandemic.

Circuit Breaker Action Table of Restrictions HERE

Circuit Breaker Action - Business and Industry FAQs HERE

The following information provides further guidance for the Retail, Supply and Manufacturing sectors operations during this 5 day lockdown:

Retail facilities, including trade suppliers, are allowed to open for limited purposes.  This includes supply for trades carrying out permitted work and also for 'click and collect' and delivery.

Manufacturing is generally required to be closed during the lockdown, however the essential providers and workers list from government has made provision for some manufacturing and exporting activities that support construction to continue operating with conditions. A manufacturing facility that is not able to be shut down without causing damage or loss to plant and equipment can remain open, but only to preform operations that are necessary in order to prevent the damage or loss.

This includes:

  • Commercial operations that supply goods or services necessary
  • The implementation of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 or to support any business activity that may be carried out in accordance with these directions
  • The export of goods and services from Victoria

We have established that:

  • Manufacturing exports from Victoria - either interstate or overseas - that are needed to fill national supply chains will be exempt and must be done in a Covid-Safe way
  • No permits are needed at this stage and the intention is to limit movement of employees wherever possible.
  • Employers are encouraged to make a judgement as to what is critical to continue to operate the manufacturing process
  • If it is not essential that employees are on site, then staying at home is encouraged

The government is supporting exports that are essential to national supply chains.

Please find more useful information for employers HERE

Circuit Breaker Action Table of Restrictions HERE

Statement from the Victorian Premier HERE

Front cover thumb 350Welcome to the second edition of AQUA Magazine - a full colour, digital representation of everything our wonderful industry has to offer nation-wide!

AQUA is made specifically for our industry, by our industry.

In our second edition, we proudly showcase:

  • SPASAVIC's 2020 Awards of Excellence
  • Bipin Gangadharan of Pentair
  • Jenny Anderson of Endless Pools & Spas
  • Nick Markogiannakis of Nemcon Pools
  • Brett Fitzmaurice of PoolSafe Inspections Victoria
  • MIBT Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Inspection training
  • SPASAVIC's Pool & Spa Expo + Outdoor Living 2021
  • Introducing Cooke Industries' New Water Witch Smart Sense
  • Calendar of Industry Events

Contribute to YOUR magazine and help us showcase anything that is new, different, unique, innovative and informative about our great industry.

Read the Summer 2020 Edition of AQUA Digital Trade Magazine HERE

If you have something to share or would like to advertise in AQUA, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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