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Yes were open with logo playDid you know that SPASAVIC Pool Shops are open for business?

SPASAVIC Pool shop members can help you with:

  • Contact-free pool water testing
  • Online sales of pool chemicals & equipment
  • Click & collect orders

SPASAVIC Pool Service & Maintenance members are also available for emergency pool maintenance and repair works.

Find a SPASAVIC Pool Shop or Pool Service & Maintenance member HERE

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Working Safely Outdoors 1 FB DomainSPASAVIC and Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers (LVML) have collaborated to send a unified message to the Victorian State Government in response to its proposed roadmap out of the current COVID-19 Restrictions.

Our combined message is simple: 

"Landscapers, Pool & Spa Builders and Pool Technicians need to be allowed to continue delivering essential well-being benefits whilst maintaining employment for thousands of Victorians from September 14th 2020".

SPASAVIC & LVML Letter to Government - Advocacy Letter to Government Re: The Impact of COVID-19 on Our Two Vital Industries - 10 September 2020

SPASAVIC & LVML Media Release - Advocacy Letter to Government Re: The Impact of COVID-19 On Our Two Vital Industries 9 September 2020 


victorian state government logo blueSPASAVIC has again written to the Hon. Jenny Mikakos, Minister for Health, Minister for the Coordination of Health and Human Services:COVID-19, regarding cryptosporidium and other known pathogens that can potentially develop in untreated bodies of water.

SPASAVIC has requested urgent re-consideration of the restrictions imposed on our pool and spa service technician members under Stage 4 and has urged government to re-classify those in the swimming pool and spa industry as 'essential'.

With Victorians spending more time at home than ever before, backyard pools and spas are being utilised on a daily basis, meaning that water maintenance and hygiene is of critical importance.

SPASAVIC awaits advice of our requested exemption from government and we will keep members informed once a response has been received.

See other SPASAVIC advocacy HERE

Swim for lifeSwimming Australia has commissioned a community impact study that has found that swimming has a total economic and community impact of over $3.7 billion per annum on Australia, which includes a community health impact of $135 million per year and a $4.35 billion lifetime health contribution.
The independent national study, funded with the support of Sport Australia, was completed by experienced management consultants Sport Business Partners and Street Ryan. It was aimed at better understanding the broader community benefits of competitive and social swimming – across each of economic, social and health impacts.

Swimming Australia Chief Executive Leigh Russell said she believed sport and recreation was going to play a huge role in helping society transition post COVID-19.

“Sport plays a full-time role in society and is an integral part of community health, both from a physical health perspective but also in the mental health space,” she said.

“The physical and mental health benefits of swimming are widely recognised. The findings of this report strongly reinforces that point and also illustrates that swimming provides very significant social and economic impacts as well.

“COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on our Australia and as we look to try and come out the other side, it is becoming increasingly clear that sport will be a huge lever in re-building communities. With our participation levels, swimming has a big part to play.

“Swimming can also play a critical role in addressing broader societal challenges such as rising obesity, an ageing population, and therapy and rehabilitation for those people living with chronic health conditions or disabilities.”

The quintessential Australian pastime has long been a life-saving skill that is integral to the social fabric of Australia, but it is also a sport for all and a sport for life with all ages, all abilities and all backgrounds participating.

With 5 million participants across Australia, the report also found swimming teaches life skills such as discipline, hard work, determination, work ethic, time management and commitment. 

“Swimming is Australia’s largest participation sport that provides an outlet for so many people and brings with it so many unique strengths,” said Russell.

“We know it contributes to a broad range of social benefits to local communities, including community cohesion and greater social inclusions – for example we now know people who swim are nearly twice as likely to volunteer within the community than general sports participants.”

Sport Business Partners Managing Director, Martin Hirons, said: “Swimming is Australia’s largest participation sport, and by some distance, so it is no surprise that it facilitates an enormous annual contribution to the Australian community.

“Since 2015, SBP has completed two-three of these types of studies per year and the quantum impact assessed for swimming in Australia is the largest we have recorded to date.

“In our view, this is another great result for the whole industry and further evidence to support increasing investment into swimming.”

Using current Sport Australia AUSPLAY data, online surveys and primary research with swimming stakeholders and participants, the study explored a range of social capital indicators used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to understand the difference between swimmers and the general population.

The economic benefit to Australia is delivered through a range of factors including, competitive and recreational swimming events, expenditure on goods, services and employment by swimming clubs and associations, spectator attendance and swimming related travel and tourism.

See the full results of this study HERE
To view an infographic of the results click HERE
Read the article by Swimming Australia HERE

victorian state government logo blueUnder new directions that came into effect at 11:59pm last night, the construction industry is permitted to continue operating on-site within strict guidelines and must implement High Risk COVIDSafe plans.

The Victorian Government has worked closely with businesses, industry groups and unions in developing the list of permitted work premises and the business operating reduction guidelines and they are grateful for the input of all stakeholders.

The Government will continue to consult with industry and workers and be guided by expert health advice as Victorians navigate these restrictions together over coming weeks.

From 11:59 pm on Friday 7th August the following changes will need to be adopted by Victorian residential construction sites. All construction sites will:

  • Have a High Risk COVID Safe Plan in place that is regularly updated. Where practicable COVID Safe Plans should be designed with input from employees and their representatives
  • Allow no more than one worker per four square metres of enclosed workspace
All employees, supervisors and on-site specialists will be:
  • Prohibited from car-pooling to and from work
  • Required to inform their employer if they share accommodation with anyone working at another high-risk workplace
  • Required to limit movement between multiple sites and observed enhanced PPE and hygiene measures if working between sites
Each small-scale residential construction site will:
  • Reduce the number of people on-site to five plus a supervisor at any one time
  • Limit movement of workers between different sites where possible, and only with appropriate guidance
  • Supervisors can move between sites and specialist trades can move between up to three sites per week, subject to enhanced COVID safe practices 
All construction sites are required to have a High Risk COVIDSafe Plan and must follow density restrictions of no more than one worker per four square metres in enclosed spaces.

Additional restrictions apply to:
  • Workers visiting multiple sites
  • Residential construction sites
  • Large-scale construction sites

Renovation work cannot continue during stage 4 restrictions if the premises are occupied. Only essential renovation work can be undertaken. The client commits an offence if they allow you to enter.

A ‘premises’ includes the land on which the building is located. This means that renovation work outside the home that is occupied is also prohibited, unless urgent and essential.

For further Construction Sector Guidance see HERE and HERE

Face maskThe Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Victoria (SPASAVIC) has continued to advocate that the pool and spa industry in Victoria is an essential service which is delivering important health and safety benefits to the community. All of industry is playing its part in the control and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by stricly adhering to Government requirements such as social distancing, strict hygienic processes and contact-free construction, retail and service.

  • Pool and spa businesses are a vital service that manage the service, maintenance and construction of swimming pools and spas, to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and maintain community health
  • Pool and spa businesses are necessary to public safety as we undertake safety assessments to keep children and the public protected in a compliant pool and spa environment
  • Pool and spa businesses are viewed as professional, responsible and trusted to work unsupervised in backyards. We adhere to Government requirements, such as social distancing, strict hygienic processes and contact-free construction, retail and service

SPASAVIC encourages members and stakeholders to continue to complete and forward this Advocacy Letter to your local Member of Parliament to ensure our industry remains at the forefront of decision-makers minds to protect our community.

Government resources for businesses

The Australian Federal Government and Victorian State Governments are providing information and support for businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, including information on business restrictions. Please see the links below for relevant Federal and State information:

Federal Government: Business Support Packages 

Fair Work Ombudsman: Coronavirus & Australian workplace laws

Victoria: Coronavirus Business Support and Dept. Health and Human Services

Other Essential Information from Australian Government Agencies can be found HERE

Clarification of current measures and new measures

The National Cabinet has confirmed and clarified advice regarding the requirements of previously announced measures, in particular those related to non-essential gatherings and outdoor gatherings.  A full list can be found here.

SPASA Victoria COVID 19 Poster Good Hygiene Practices Print SPASA Victoria COVID 19 Poster Stop The Spread Print SPASA Victoria COVID 19 Poster Keeping Your Distance Print SPASAVIC COVID 19 Poster Maximum Customers thumb SPASAVIC COVID 19 Poster Payment Methods

CV infographic1CV infographic2CV infographic3

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