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Enhance the amenity of your pool or spa by incorporating intelligent design



Landscaping encompasses the aspects of pool and spa surrounds. There are many considerations to be taken into account that are specific to the swimming pool and spa environment. Any form of outdoor design and landscaping will greatly improve the overall look of your outdoor area.


A Landscape Designer is a qualified professional who has the ability and training to produce a landscape design concept based on your pool and garden requirements, then combine all the elements to achieve a fantastic looking outcome in order to maximise your outdoor living space. A landscape designer will consider all the key components of your landscape including pool, spa, pergola, outdoor room, outdoor furniture, paving, ornamentation, decoration and very importantly - foliage.


Consumers are increasingly looking for a total solution between their back door and back fence. Space conscious courtyards, outdoor rooms and garden – including decks, paving, water features, retaining walls, barrier fencing and planting - can all be incorporated in and around your pool area. The process of your complete outdoor design begins with an on-site consultation. In this consultation, a designer will seek to understand your personal style, what you are trying to achieve and how you want to enjoy your outdoor space.

From this meeting, a design proposal to suit your individual requirements will be developed. Upon acceptance of your design proposal, the design phase of your outdoor area will commence. The final design will include a concept of all hard surfaces and elements, planting scheme, garden lighting and irrigation in and around your pool or spa.


Should you wish to visualise a particular space more easily, 3-Dimensional drawings can be produced for most elements of your concept. These drawings are intended to give a basic representation of your concept. If you find it difficult to visualise 2-Dimensional plans, you may find 3D visualisation a valuable method of understanding your swimming pool and landscape design in greater detail.


Design documentation refers to precisely annotated drawings prepared to help pool and landscape contractors construct the pool and garden as the designer intended. As with architectural drawings for your home, this stage involves detailing specific elements of the landscape with dimensions, surface finishes, specifications, colours and construction notation. Design documentation is advised if your swimming pool design comprises structural elements which require precise adherence to a designer’s specifications when building permits are required for structures such as pools, spas, pergolas, outdoor rooms and retaining walls.

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