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Are you confused by current Water Restrictions ?

Yes You can fill your new Pool or Spa with alternative sources of water

Yes You can still top-up your Pool or Spa *

Alternative sources of water are available right now to fill your new pool or sp.

Contact your SPASA Victoria pool builder or spa supplier for details, or visit for a complete list of members


Yes, You Can Fill Your

New Pool or Spa with Water

> SPASA Victoria members are the leading professionals in the pool and spa industry who spend their lives working with water. We recognise that Victorians have wonderfully clean water and that it is a finite and precious resource.

> If you are considering investing in a pool there are many ways to help conserve water. The average domestic pool holds around 30,000 litres of water, but importantly, should only require occasional topping-up.

> Significant water savings will result if you; maintain the right chemical balance, ensure your filtration is adequate, install a pool cover and pool-dedicated top-up tank – visit the SPASA Victoria website for full details.

*During Stages 3, 3a & 4 Water Restrictions, pools and spas can be topped-up with a bucket or watering can, filled directly from the tap.

A pdf version of this article can be downloaded here