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New Victorian Pool Spa Fence LawsAs announced on Neil Mitchell’s 3AW Melbourne radio program Friday morning, SPASA Victoria are elated at the State Government’s decision to implement a mandatory pool and spa barrier inspection program in place of the proposed retrospective barrier legislation.

This decision comes after a long-running campaign by SPASA Victoria - and other leading industry stakeholders - who have stridently promoted the importance of a mandatory pool and spa barrier inspection program in Victoria for many years.

Read all about it HERE

“It is with delight that the decision to implement a mandatory barrier inspection program and reverse the proposal of retrospective barrier legislation has been made by the State Government,” says SPASA Victoria CEO, Brendan Watkins.

“We are pleased that the Andrews Government has listened and respected the research, knowledge and experience of those within the pool and spa industry. After many years of being ignored on this topic, this is a victory for SPASA Victoria as well as all of the industry stakeholders, particularly Kidsafe and Lifesaving Victoria. A mandatory pool & spa barrier inspection program will save lives.”

After years of heavy media promotion along with highly strategic behind-the-scenes advocacy, the hard work and passion of those within the pool and spa industry has finally paid off.

The Andrews Government will introduce this new legislation to parliament in June, and the new mandatory pool and spa register and inspection regime will be in place by the 2019 summer season.

Under this regulatory overhaul, households will need to register their pool or spa with their local council and declare their pool barriers compliant. A regular regime of inspections as frequent as every three years will then be enforced.

Victorian Government Media Release - Overhaul To Keep Kids Safe Around Pools And Spas
SPASA Victoria Media Release - SPASA Victoria Claims Victory - 6 April 2018​
Read HERE About Retrospective Pool Barrier Upgrade Laws Abandoned

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shutterstock 208729282Does This Make a Registered Domestic Builder the Contracted Builder?

Sadly it is an all too familiar occurrence to find a registered domestic builder falling foul of the situation where their builder registration details have been used on a building contract where they have never actually been to the site.

It is a little like allowing one’s head to be placed in a noose, albeit it may seem like a good idea at the time, because the registered builder is receiving remuneration for the use of their builder occupational licence on a job. The problem is though, that firstly you are enabling someone else to circumvent the consumer orientated requirements of the building law, and secondly the registered builder has no control over the quality of the build.

Read this article in full HERE

SPASA Golf Day logoWe've extended our Golf Registration deadline until the end of this week. Make sure you register by Friday 13th April!

2018 Chris Dorrity Memorial Golf Day flyer with Entry Form is HERE

Whether you're an amateur or a serious golfer, this is a great day out! Everyone has fun, and most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to socialise and network with others in the industry. We're even offering Ladies-only teams this year!

Our annual Golf Day will be held on Friday 20th April, and once again at the magnificent Southern Golf Club Keysborough situated in the heart of the sand belt region of Melbourne’s South-East.

Southern Golf Club - Lower Dandenong Rd, Keysborough​

This year - with thanks to SPASAVIC 's Platinum Partner AB Phillips - we will again offer a $600 prize to the team winning the 'Nearest the Pin' on hole 16!​

7am - Registrations with Egg & Bacon Breakfast
8am - Tee Off - Shotgun Start
12.45pm - Lunch & Presentations
2:00pm - Finish (approx)

For more information, see our 2018 Chris Dorrity Memorial Golf Day flyer with Entry Form HERE  You've gotta be in it to win it. Send your team registration form in to We'll see you on the green!

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ABPhillips logo hi res cmyk

SafeTech logoSafeTech Hardware Australia Pty Ltd (SafeTech Hardware) are working in collaboration with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to ensure consumer safety is the priority with the product recall of the striker component of their key lockable pool gate latches.

“We are working closely with the ACCC to address and resolve a potential intermittent fault with the striker component of our key lockable pool gate latches,” a SafeTech Hardware spokesperson said.

“Consumer safety is always our priority – we have chosen to do a voluntary recall and have set up communication channels to assist consumers to resolve the issue and retain their existing pool compliance status.

“It is important to be clear that there has been no incidents or issues reported from consumers about the product.”

An independent mechanical engineering company was engaged by SafeTech Hardware to thoroughly investigate the mechanical operation of the striker component after an industry certifier raised concerns. The subsequent engineers’ report noted that the scenario required for the fault to occur would be very rare.

The issue raised was with the striker component, not the latch itself. In some limited circumstances, if an attempt is made to turn the key with unusually high torque while the gate is open, there is a potential intermittent risk that the key lock mechanism of the latch may engage causing the gate to remain locked in the open position.

“When the key is in the key lock mechanism and turned with unusually high force while the gate is open, there is a risk that the lock mechanism may engage causing the gate to remain locked in the open position,” a SafeTech Hardware spokesperson said.

“It would be very rare for these specific set of events to simultaneously occur, in particular the torque required was high, as noted in the engineers’ report.”

Consumers are being advised to remove the key from the key lock mechanism and fill the key hole with a waterproof adhesive – this will prevent the key from being inserted and remove the chance of the potential intermittent fault occurring. A free call 1300 number and a dedicated support page has been established to assist consumers with this process. A quick and easy do-it-yourself guide with step-by-step instructions, images and a ‘how to’ video for both the disabling of the key mechanism and striker replacement is available.

“The free call 1300 number and dedicated webpage will provide consumers with information on the product recall and how to resolve the issue quickly and effectively,” a SafeTech Hardware spokesperson said.“Consumers will be stepped through how to prevent this potential intermittent fault from occurring and replacement options are available as well.”

“It is important to note that disabling the key lock mechanism of the latch will not affect existing pool compliance status or the ability to latch and secure the gate.”

”As part of SafeTech Hardware’s commitment to resolving this issue quickly and safely, a recall notice is being distributed via the communication channels agreed with the ACCC.

SafeTech Hardware is the intellectual property holder for SafeTech Hardware and G8Safe branded key lockable pool gate latches.

It is important to note that no other SafeTech Hardware products are affected by this recall.

SafeTech Hardware is committed to upholding its reputation in delivering innovative and safe products to consumers.

Key industry partners have been very supportive throughout this process, and we continue to work closely with them to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

List of products:List of products:

  • SafeTech Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe Top Pull Pool Gate Latch (Key Lockable)
  • SafeTech TriLatch (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe TriLatch (Key Lockable)

These products are also available for purchase as part of the following kits:

  • SafeTech Trade Packs (Key Lockable)
  • G8Safe Megapack (Key Lockable)

For more information on this media release, please call Debbie Brennan, General Manager – SafeTech Hardware, on 1300 034 096 or email

Read the ACCC Recall Notice HERE

SafeTech lock ACCC logo

109It is with sadness that we prepare to farewell a long-serving member of the SPASA Victoria family, Rose Randell, as she prepares for retirement.

Rose started at SPASAVIC in July 2007 when the office was a small factory-style warehouse, set amongst car detailers and mechanics in an industrial area. It was noisy and smelly with an occasional lizard visitor and countless cobwebs upstairs on the mezzanine floor.

A fun memory from the Nunawading office days was when one of the girls brought in an ergonomic ball to exercise on. Rose says it looked so easy, but it was far from easy! When she and one of the other girls tried to balance, they both narrowly missed hitting their heads against the wall. They were literally rolling around the floor with laughter. (Note - this was during lunchtime!)

Rose has seen the organisation grow from a small one with huge challenges to an efficient, professional and streamlined association. Moving to the new office in 2012 was a breath of fresh air for Rose who enjoyed the new, modern open spaces. She has seen many come and go, but has always had a smile and cheery word for all.

Rose has single-handedly managed all Awards of Excellence entries for the past decade and will miss the excitement of the Awards process and the Gala night. In retirement, Rose plans to escape the Melbourne Winters and travel up North in search of warmer climes, to learn French fluently and practice tai-chi and catch up on some reading. She hopes to do some volunteer work and spend more time with her husband. Rose's last day with SPASA Victoria will be at our Gala night on Saturday 7th July. Make sure you're there to say goodbye to her!

"The association is simply a much better place because Rose was here. My heartfelt thanks go to her for terrific loyalty and an endlessly positive vibe. Many, many thanks Ms. Rose" - Brendan Watkins, CEO

"SPASA Victoria has been a delightful place to work. The girls with whom I have worked have - without exception - been friendly, caring, good humoured and supportive. I have loved my role due to the variety and never knowing what developments may have arisen overnight when I came in each morning on email or by phone. SPASA Victoria has become a fantastic organisation of which all Members should be very proud. I wish the association continued success." - Rose Randell.

VBA logoThe Victorian Building Authority has deregistered, disqualified and fined a registered building practitioner $15,000 for 21 breaches of the Building Act. 

Mr David Lee, of Ringwood, was registered as a domestic building manager when he committed the breaches involving three building sites in Doncaster East, Bentleigh and Mount Waverley. 

In making its ruling, the VBA found that Mr Lee had: 

  • attempted to obtain building permits for all three sites by knowingly providing false insurance certificates to the relevant building surveyors on four occasions
  • advertised himself as being covered by the required domestic building insurance when he was not covered by what is mandatory insurance 
  • instigated and carried out building work on two sites when building permits had not been issued
  • failed to notify the relevant building surveyor of the completion of a mandatory notification stage 
  • on eight other occasions, failed to perform his duties competently and to a professional standard

Read the VBA Media Release HERE

houzz logoManaging a small firm takes time and energy – you’ve probably got plenty of the latter and not enough of the former, so that’s where technology comes in. There are plenty of useful and free online tools that can help with all aspects of running a business. We’ve highlighted a few that will increase your productivity and free up time to concentrate on those jobs you do best.

Automate jobs with IFTTT
Feeling overwhelmed by those fiddly daily tasks your business has to do online? IFTTT is a nifty tool that lets you automate your online day-to-day tasks by connecting apps. The acronym stands for If This, Then That, and the idea is that when one app does one thing, it triggers the other app to do something else. 

Read this article in full HERE

9489230 3x2 700x467Michael Bruvel was sick of jumping into a pool that felt like a warm bath. (ABC Radio Darwin: Jesse Thompson)Michael Bruvel had recently built an above-ground pool in his backyard when he suffered an experience familiar to many pool owners (in the north of Australia) in the warmer months.

The Darwin local would jump in after going for a run or spending time outdoors in the humid build-up, only to find it was like getting into a warm bath.

"That was really the catalyst for me starting to work on a low-cost way to work it out," Mr Bruvel said. "Of course there are refrigeration systems and air conditioner-style processors to cool your water, but they're very expensive and very energy intensive."

For most people, a better option might seem obvious: erect a shade sail to block out the sun.

Read this article in full HERE

1521677879935Automatic pool covers without fences have been banned in New Zealand.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has ruled that automatic pool covers, as a barrier, do not comply with the building code. 

The decision from the ministry's 'building determinations team' comes after it was revealed last month some councils were issuing waivers for pool owners to get around installing fences.

The Marlborough District Council, responsible for most of the waivers, asked the ministry for "clarity" over the issue.

Read this article in full HERE

worksafeFive new compliance codes (codes) that align to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 and Equipment (Public Safety) Regulations 2017 are now available.

The five new codes include:

  • Hazardous manual handling (previously the Manual Handling Code of Practice, 2000)
  • Facilities in construction (previously the Building and Construction Workplaces Code of Practice, 1990)
  • Confined spaces (previously the Confined Spaces Compliance Code, 2008)
  • Plant (previously the Plant Code of Practice, 1995)
  • Noise (a new code based off Your health and safety guide to noise, 2007, and the Guide for assessing and fixing noise problems and work, 2005)

Copies of the codes are available for download below. The WorkSafe Advisory Service is available to answer any questions you have about the codes on 1800 136 089 Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.00pm.

Read more HERE

Vic GovntSchools across the state will receive more support for swimming lessons as part of the Andrews Labor Government’s plan to keep Victorian children safe around water.

Schools will share in an additional $9.8 million to help contribute to the cost of swimming lessons over the next two years, increasing the support provided to each Year 6 student from $50 to $90.

Announcing the investment today, Minister for Education James Merlino said the Labor Government is making sure kids can swim in an effort to reduce the number of drowning deaths.

The move will support up to 60,000 students at Government and Catholic Schools to achieve their Victorian School Water Safety Certificate, which includes being able to swim 50m continuously, before leaving primary school.

Along with the $9 million already invested to support schools to deliver swimming and water safety education,schools will be able to determine how they use the funding to best meet the needs of their students.

The Swimming in Schools program aims to increase opportunities for students to learn how to swim, and ensurethey develop lifelong skills in swimming and water safety to reduce their risk of drowning and injury.

Read the Victorian Government's Media Release HERE

Q A Sarah Knows“Do I have cover should I accidentally damage my client’s home, driveway or personal property during the course of building their pool or spa?”

A public liability policy covers your business for third party bodily injury and property damage arising from you or your staff’s negligence. If your clients’ property was to be damaged as a result of your negligence or if a third party was injured on the worksite arising from your negligence, this policy would provide cover.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Your public liability policy will not extend to include cover for claims arising from your sub-contractors negligence. I strongly suggest that whenever engaging subcontractors, your request a copy of their public liability insurance.

Got a question? Call Sarah at AB Phillips today on 1300 242 136 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AB Phillips banner

ACCC logoThe ACCC are reminding small business owners that under the Australian Consumer Law, it’s not acceptable for other businesses to mislead, harass or take advantage of you. On Monday, the Federal Court ordered online business directory service, ABG Pages Pty Ltd, to pay a $300,000 penalty for such misconduct.

ABG Pages admitted to breaching the ACL by using unacceptable business strategies and high pressure sales tactics. This misconduct included:

  • misleading businesses to enter into contracts
  • refusing to cancel contracts which customers didn’t want and hadn’t intended to enter into, and
  • refusing to accept customers’ attempts to cancel contracts.

ABG Pages also admitted to undue harassment by repeatedly contacting customers to pay debts that that did not exist and threatening legal action – one customer was called 993 times over a nine month period.

ABG Pages’ sole director, Ms Michele McCullough, was also ordered to pay a $40,000 penalty and was disqualified from managing corporations for 5 years.

You can report conduct which you think is in breach of the ACL via the ACCC website. Or if you think you’ve been the victim of a scam, visit our Scamwatch website.

You can also read the media release to find out more.

Should you move your files to the cloudSelecting the right server solution for your company is an important business decision. The choice you make will depend on your goals and your IT resources. Before making the decision to get rid of your server and move to the cloud, here are three things to consider:

  1. A dedicated server is a physical computer that is purchased and installed at your location just for your company’s use. Think of it as a house. You own it, you don’t share it with anyone and you’re responsible for a majority of the maintenance. Like a house, the initial cost of a physical server is higher but once you own it, it’s yours. You’re free to expand, modify and manage it as you please. The downside is that you’re also responsible for your own maintenance. In addition, accessing your data from outside your network must be done through remote software.

Read this article in full HERE


4A09F33500000578 5483369 image m 5 1520621069462A former UKIP parliamentary candidate has been found guilty of breaking health and safety laws after a handyman was buried alive while working on his pool.

Millionaire Keith Crawford, 73, reportedly ignored the worker when he raised safety concerns and told him 'F**k that, it's getting stupid money now'.

Peter Clements, 48, was buried alive when the trench he was excavating at Crawford's Exeter home collapsed on top of him and covered him in tonnes of earth.

He died of a cardiac arrest in hospital after suffering a collapsed lung and broken ribs after the accident in January 2015.

Read this article in full HERE

Summer Party In The Swimming Pool 483410780 2223x1352 810x493With the Backyard Lifeguard pool safety campaign now wrapped up, the ACT Government will now begin the first phase of our safer pools consultation.The ACT government will dip its toe into the water and consult with industry, pool owners and the Canberra community before it hardens its safety regulation to ensure all swimming pools in the ACT have boundaries.

Legislation for improved safety standards might be years away as the Government looks to give reasonable time for pool owners to bring their pools in line with standards.

While all new pools are required to have fences surrounding it, there are no requirements to upgrade existing pools and spas. This means that in many streets and neighbourhoods there are pools that are easily accessible and pose real dangers.

The Minister for Planning and Land Management, Mick Gentleman, said the ACT Government wants to ensure all swimming and spa pools are safe and will now begin to take steps over the coming years to ensure every backyard pool in the territory meets modern safety standards.

Read this article in full HERE

houzz logoWe all know social media can be overwhelming in amongst all the work you’re currently tending to. It’s hard to know where to begin.

In the first of a two-part guide to social media marketing by Houzz, they look at why it’s good for your business. You’ll learn about what each platform can offer you, in order to help you decide which ones suit your business goals.

Read all about it HERE

shutterstock 115106080Protection Works, as per Part 7 of the Building Act 1993, are carried out when the Relevant Building Surveyor for a building project deems that the adjoining property may be affected by the proposed works. The VBA may also declare, under section 89, that emergency protection work is required for an adjoining property. Part 7 of the Act serves to ensure that owners proposing to carry out building works on their own property ensure that neighbouring properties are protected throughout the process.

This is particularly pertinent regarding Works close to common boundaries and Works that require access in to a neighbouring property. Section 95 of the Building Act 1993, provides that if Protection Works are to be carried out by an owner or its agent on the adjoining property, and 24 hours’ notice is provided prior to entering the adjoining property to carry out protection works, the adjoining owner must allow access to their property. The section on point is below.

Read this article in full HERE

Spa World Australia logoA big welcome to new SPASA Victoria Members Spa World Australia!

Spa World was established in 1985 and has specialised in all aspects of the spa pool business ever since.

Spa World is a member of the Australian based Vortex Leisure group of businesses. Along with Spa World, Vortex Leisure also owns, Banff Spas, Arcadia Spas, Fisher Spas, Lifestyle Spas and distributes spa pools and swim spas under various brands to over 20 countries around the world.

They are a truly integrated business in that their Australian and New Zealand based design teams develop and manufacture their products themselves, and sell them through their stores and websites. They also support their customers with consumable items post-sale via their Spa Store business.

By controlling every aspect of their business from innovation and quality control, to customer support (via a 7-day call centre), Spa World ensure that their products, service and backup support are second to none within the industry.

Spa World take pride in supporting their local community and in 2017 they donated to 16 charities selected by their own team members. They are the exclusive supplier of spas to the Make-A-Wish foundation and Starlight Children's Foundation.

Spa World is proud to be a member of SPASA Victoria and they look forward to the benefits that SPASAVIC membership brings to their business.

Spa World Australia 1 Spa World Australia 2

logo block dec2017 bullMember Benefits - Available to all Members in 2018

  • AB Phillips - SPASAVIC ’s Risk Management, Insurance & Financial Services Provider
  • Jeremy Johnson & Associates - Free Expert Legal Advice
  • Expert OHS Advice - Paul House, ISSC
  • Career Dressing – Preferred Workwear & Corporate Clothing Supplier
  • HR Central – Your People Management Professionals
  • Online White Card Training with Aveling
  • Houzz and SPASAVIC – Free Profile-Building Website

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