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Former AFL star Nick Stevens faces an investigation by the State building watchdog amid claims he owes substantial money to suppliers and has ripped off Mildura pool buyers.

The investigation centres on allegations his business ‘Leisure Pools Mildura’ installed swimming pools without permits. Police spokesperson Alex Day states in yesterday’s Herald Sun article that, “Police are investigating reports of alleged deception”.

Sunraysia Daily News claims, “Several customers who paid deposits to ‘Leisure Pools Mildura’ have been left with incomplete pools. Fibreglass pool shell supplier ‘Leisure Pools and Spas Manufacturing’ said it received complaints and now alleges the former Carlton and Port Adelaide player owes it a significant amount of money.”

For consumers who are about to undertake the exciting journey of building a swimming pool or spa, it is recommended that they carefully read the important information contained in the Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Victoria (SPASA Victoria ) website:

CEO of SPASA Victoria , Brendan Watkins, says “The only way consumers can ensure a seamless construction of their backyard pool or spa is to contract a registered Pool Builder Member of SPASA Victoria. There are many industry-unique regulations, safety issues and mandatory insurances that come as standard with a VBA-registered Pool Builder.”

“Those that cut corners and go ‘Owner Builder’ - or worse - don’t obtain permits, are exposing themselves to significant safety and financial pain.  The association publishes a large array of free consumer advice, found HERE,” Mr Watkins said.

Here are the three questions consumers should always ask of their practitioner prior to engaging them:

  • “Are You A Registered Building Practitioner?”
  • “Are you a SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Member?”
  • “Do you use a SPASA Victoria Pool Construction Contract?”

SPASA Victoria members are at the forefront of the industry in regards to their experience, professionalism and reputation.

Bound by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics, all SPASA Victoria members have a demonstrated history of successful ethical trading and knowledge appropriate to their membership category. Consumers should look for the SPASA Victoria member logo to ensure they are dealing with an industry professional.

SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Members are pool builders with appropriate experience, practitioner registration and insurances. In order to become a member of the association they are required to demonstrate exemplary trade and consumer references.

SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Members also agree to perform all work in accordance with Australian Standards, and to meet all legal requirements. Only SPASA Victoria Pool Builder Members can issue you with a SPASA Victoria contract.

Anyone involved in a building project deserves to be confident in the practitioner they engage. It is in the best interests of practitioners AND consumers that only registered practitioners are used. Always check that your practitioner is registered.

Here are seven signs that your practitioner is Unregistered

If a building practitioner is not registered, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) can prosecute through the court system. The VBA website holds registration details of all registered practitioners, so it is easy to verify that a registration is current and that the practitioner is appropriately qualified to conduct the task for which they are being employed.

If you become aware of anyone offering to provide services without being registered, or you suspect there may be a registration issue, you can contact the VBA via the website or by phone on 1300 815 127.

Details of all Registered Building Practitioners are available on the VBA website at

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